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It all started with…

The Rib™

The Rib is a sessionable amber ale made with pale ale, caramel, and wheat malts then lightly hopped with Mt. Hood to 25 IBU’s. Don’t let color be your guide, this amber beer is thirst quenching and easy to drink at 4.8% ABV. Whether you are are a level 20 beer geek or a craft brew newbie, The Rib is sure to please.

NCIS (Netti’s Chocolate Incredible Stout)

A complex dry stout with maris otter, roasted malts, caramel malts, and chocolate malt, hopped up with 44 IBU’s of East Kent Golding hops and fermented with dry English ale yeast. This beer is smooth with a dry finish and complex malt character. Fresh from the tap the roasted and chocolate malts prevail giving it a meaty bacon character. As the beer warms the dark chocolate malt breaks through and melds with the roasted and caramel malts to balance the bitterness. The Stout is a great beer to pair with steaks, BBQ, or that fine cigar.

Duss of Hops Düsseldorf Altbier

Award winning altbier with complex pilsner and munich malt aroma and flavor, then assertively hopped to 38 IBU’s for balance and German hop character. It’s smooth, tasty, and clear as a bell. A perfect German amber ale.

Josef Von Großen Bauch Kölsch

Award winning Kölsch just as you would drink in the biergarten’s of Cologne, Germany. One of our lightest beers, delicate and balanced with pilsner malt and light fruity pear esters, then lightly hopped with German hops. This beer is easy to drink and wonderful with our BBQ chicken.

Leder Hoser Hefeweizen

Our tribute to the McKenzie Brothers. A true Bavarian hefeweizen full of clove and banana aroma and flavor. The yeast and wheat malts make this beer a delight. It’s easy to drink and full of character. In German, Hefe means yeast and Weizen means wheat. 4.9% ABV, 12 IBU.

Alafia Rye IPA

Columbus and Mt Hood Hops, spicy rye malt, caramel malt, and good old american two row malt make this IPA a beauty. The big malt character balances out the 74 IBU’s for a perfect Rye IPA. The recipe is based loosely on homebrew legend Denny Conn’s Rye IPA. 7.7% ABV

Pouce Pourri Saison

A true farmhouse ale fermented warm and loaded with belgian yeast character and fruity esters. Czech Saaz hops to 35 IBU’s give it an extra spiciness. The name in French means Rotten Thumb Saison, named in honor of my good friend and fellow brewer, Bob. 6.5% ABV

McMullen’s Irish Red

A true Irish Red Ale with complex malt flavors and a dry finish. Lightly hopped to 23 IBU’s for balance and 5.0% ABV

More coming soon!